Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Where does the Summer Go?

It seems only yesterday, I was an active blogger. Now, I have to withstand the semi-regular shame and guilt of uncovering my neglected bastion here in cyber-land. We've been BUSY as ever this year. We've celebrated 10 years of brewing with our Mad Hatter Day's celebration, celebrated 10 years of Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festivals, and have survived the first half of a hellishly busy 2007.

While the blog has been a little quiet, I've actually worked on keeping our crowd in the loop with our newsletter. If you'd like to catch up on spring events like our Zoomer/Lucid release at Sheffields, Beer and Cheese Pairings, or the fight to repeal Sunday prohibition in Holland, check out our Spring newsletter. We should have another one out by Autumnfest.

I'll catch you up on a couple of upcoming events real quick and promise to be back soon.




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