Saturday, September 30, 2006

Milestones from the GABF

Greetings from Denver. I'm capitilizing on a few spare moments in Denver, catching up on emails and of course, the ever-important blog. I was reminded of last years posts, just following the GABF and found it remarkable to read. This time last year, we looked at a bottling line on the way home from the GABF and were looking for a building for our new production facility.

This year, our first brew at the new plant on Commerce St should be in process as I type this. We are a short couple weeks away from the first packaging run on our new line, and we've managed a pretty full-sized packaging makeover in time for the new digs. They say nothing happens fast in the beer business, but I gotta tell you this last year has felt pretty fast. Interesting to realize the milestones in relation to our crazy event schedules.

Anyways, we're all pretty excited, and although it's been an intense period for us, it's been a good one. Feeling the momentum of a rabid Ichabod season followed by all of the positive feedback out here at Denver is all pretty gratifying.

For any of you in Denver, make sure to get over and try this year's Pilgim's Dole which was barrel-aged in Dragon's Milk barrels and Existential, our "Hopwine" straight out of the R&D lab.

That's it for now, time to head back in for the Saturday session -



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