Saturday, April 01, 2006

Where does the time go?

I have to admit to being a bit embarrased right now. I talk about how worthwhile blogs are, only to check my own and see that two months have passed. Frightening. I solemnly swear,.....

One of the reasons,...well, I suppose it's an excuse for my absence, is that we've been BUSY. Many of these projects we've been knee-deep in deserve posts of their own, but I'll try to catch you up first.

We released Black Tulip Trippel in 22 ounce bottles as a continued part of transitioning the High Gravity Series into the screen-printed 22 ounce bottle. More important than how it looks, it tastes fantastic. Kudos to John Haggerty and crew for their fine craftsmanship.

We've also worked hard on creating a new brand in the High Gravity Series, Blue Goat Dopplebock. Brewing it, naming it and getting a 22 oz. designed kept all of us plenty busy. It will be packaged and released in mid-April, so get ready! John has done some cool stuff with it, including an exceptionally long boil - that brings out very interesting tones in the malt; so we're all looking forward to it!

Besides all that, Isaac and I have been on the trade-show circuit, helping our wholesalers present our beers to as many retailers as will try it. It's always fun to feel the beer-selling season get rolling, but it can be a bit exhausting.

April has more in store as we host Brew Years Eve get ready for Tulip Time, Zoomer release and another batch of festivals & tradeshows.

No rest for the wicked, tonight we'll be at Roller Derby, which we proudly sponsor, before a fun night playing with Keith Scott at one of our favorite Saugatuck watering holes, The Boathouse.


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