Saturday, April 01, 2006

Brew Year's Eve

We're celebrating Brew Year's Eve at the pub next Friday. Started by the Brewers Association, Brew Year's Eve is a celebration of the repeal of prohibition. I am personally excited about this because I believe many people overlook some of the struggles our industry, craftsmen face. Perhaps more importantly, people overlook the possibility of losing a right or privilege when an opposing social-political group gets the momentum and power.

Our celebration is a positive one. Rather than lament about how awful of an idea prohibition was, or how scary it is, we're going to celebrate all that beer and brewing brings to communities, local, state and national.

We've got some great speakers lined up. Holland Mayor Al McGeehan, Commissioner Jim Storey from Michigan Liquor Control Commission, Ann Query, Chamber of Zeeland, Mike Lashbrook of Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers and myself will all speak to the subject before handing the mallet to Mayor McGeehan who will tap a cask of Blue Goat Dopplebock and raise a toast. Fitting tribute, as Blue Goat is brewed in honor of the grit and determination required to survive in craft-brewing.

The event is 4 -6 PM at our pub, 66 E. 8th St. Please come and celebrate with us!