Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Holland Goes Myspace

Our beer Ambassador, Isaac Hartman has done a great job getting a New Holland Myspace account up and running. It has inspired me to get a little myspace-mojo going myself, contributing to the NHB page as well as getting my own profile up and running.

Check it out at www.myspace.com/newhollandbrew

At first, my plan was to dismantle my somewhat-abandoned blog and move it over to myspace. On second thought, I've decided to keep this place running and made another solemn oath to contribute more often. I will have a slightly different bent to the postings here, than I might at the more conversational myspace arena, but I will keep them both. Ironic, or maybe not, that my solution to a page I have trouble keeping up with is to create another one and keep them both.

On the subject of the internet & computers...

It is awe-inspiring how fast we share information these days. I'm constantly amazed at how our expectations have collectively shifted. Whether you're a manufacturer, vendor, customer or student, there is an expectation that information can and should be delivered NOW. The reality of our lightening fast communication serves as an incredible resource, and an extremely productive feature of modern-day business, but it can also create some unrealistic expectations that can be very difficult to fullfill and perhaps not as relaxing of a pace as we once had.

I am a fan of the new-age, but as you've heard me rant about before, it needs balance. Whether sending artwork back and forth for approval and subsequent printing, or managing email lists, we are capable of a broader reach from a smaller base than ever before. It is a rally cry for small business and allowed for a market with real 24/7/365 possibility.

Irony abounds, as I write about balance and how demanding our new-world can be, I was distracted somehow, and ended up returning 4 emails, reviewing a quote and proofing a letter before I realized that I still had this post open. Perhaps focus is a better target in this instance instead of balance!

Anyway, I am and we are committed to the technology and sensibility of the internet. I love how conversational myspace can be, and how functional an online-project manager can be. We'll continue to find ways to innovate and share information, but we'll work to be equally committed to hitting the off button and heading out for a beer.




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Blogger Gustafson said...

Want to know how to order New Holland beer. Used to live in Holland and enjoyed New Holland brewery when they first started out. The old warehouse. Please let me know if this is possible.
Thank You
Sarah Hayes

7:15 PM  

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