Thursday, September 07, 2006

Beer Grown Up. What a crock.

I haven't looked hard enough to find a transcript, but while listening to sports-radio yesterday, it is football season after all, I heard an interesting beer commercial.

It started by mocking the kitschy side of beer advertising. "Good bye talking beer opener, inflated chair and blinking buttons." It continued speaking of growing up, and how sometimes you need a beer made with quality ingredients, with full flavor, yet still smooth.

You know, Miller Genuine Draft - Beer. Grown up.

What a load of crap.

Besides the obvious beer comparisons, this is so disingenuous, it ought to infuriate the entire listening public. Do they really believe that MGD is that different from Miller Lite or any of the other major-domestic, watered down pilsners? Do they really believe that as a brewer they can create a Miller Lite ad with one hand, and persuade anyone that is more mature than that to come on over to the adult-swim that MGD is having with the other?

It's ludicrous that a company can create ads with chicks wrestling and then try and push their tired, cold-filtered, mumbo jumbo as a mature-person's upgrade. I'm not opposed to silly commercials, in fact I'm not even opposed to watered-down beers made by soulless international giants. I am however, opposed to people speaking as if the customer isn't listening and acting as if we're all mindless idiots that don't remember what they said yesterday.

Be who you are. And don't try and out-craft craft.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're a moron, beer is beer, and a commercial will be a commercial, look at budweisers commercials, get over it, loser, and drink a damn beer!

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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