Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mad Hatter Makes ESPN

Looks like we need to go high-five the Cottage Inn Pizza in Ann Arbor. Senior ESPN writer Pat Forde paid a visit and included both of us in his "Point After" in the Forde Yard Dash. Read to the bottom and look for points 39 & 40.

Thanks Pat - glad you dug the beer!

Point After
When hungry in the charmingly collegiate Ann Arbor, The Dash recommends the square pizza at Cottage Inn Pizza (39), which is something of a Michigan tradition. As always, The Dash is big on local beer, so try the Mad Hatter India Pale Ale (40), made by the New Holland Brewery in Holland, Mich. Approximately 4 million hops in every pint glass.
Pat Forde - Senior Writer -

Our new brewery is open!

We've been hard at it, but our new brewery is in the final stages of being up and running. It's been exciting and terrifying at the same time, but just as we're running out of our reserves, the new line is up and capable of cranking out more beer.

Feels good to be geared up and ready to go.

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Fact Sheet

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Michigan Breweries in print!

Our friends Paul Ruschmann & Maryanne Nasiatka have published their book, Michigan Breweries. I just received my copy and have begun to read through it. I encourage anyone interested in beer, especially if you're in the Midwest to give it a try. It's available at our brewery, amongst other places. It's a solid guide-book with stories, descriptions and highlights from breweries across our Great Beer State.

I was honored to be invited to write the foreword for it and am very excited to see it on the shelves. Check it out and be sure to drop Paul and Maryane a note of thanks for helping the cause of celebrating the breweries of Michigan.