Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stan the Beer Man

A friend and writer, Stan Heironymous is a frequent and ardent supporter of beer. A while back, I received some good-natured ribbing via email about my negligence in keeping up with my blog. I took it in stride, but have thought about it several times during this last neglectful period.

Last week at Michigan Brewers Guild conference, which I am one of the organizers, we hosted many great speakers, one of which is Stephen Beaumont. We were listening to a presentation with Lucy Saunders and Stephen, when they talked about beer writers, beer media and blogging. I felt so advanced, because, you know ...I actually have a blog!

Oh, the taste of humility. I've recently visited two of Stephens' blogs with brief previews of his Michigan forray, and Stan's Beer-blog nirvanna, Appelation beer. What a resource!!

At times, I fancy myself an aspiring writer, but I'm reminded by these two what the work of "great writers" looks like. I applaud these two gentlemen on their efforts and support.

Stan - I will blog more, I will blog better. Thank you for leading by example.

If you want to keep up with the world of beer, subscribe to these two writers and check in on them frequently. They are not only professionals, they are passionate beer fans and terrific writers.

Thanks guys - keep up the good work.