Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Deuce

Well, it seems I've been focusing a lot on big beers. The trend continues in more ways than one, as we release Dragon's Milk in 22 oz bottles, a.k.a, The Deuce. It's a big move for us and for the brand. The screen printed bottle stands out distinctively and makes for an easier single-purchase. It also eases some production issues, elminating the need for label production and the semi-prohibitive aspect of printing a small-run four-pack.

This first project has been quite an ordeal, but as the pictures demonstrate, the beer is actually in the bottle! We'll be moving the entire high-gravity series into this package over the next few months.

Besides the efforts of changing packages, I'd be remiss if I didn't talk about the beer. Dragon's Milk is special and intriguing. Mysterious malt tones dancing in an oak bath. Vanilla and bourbon flavors blend wonderfully. It is one of the most interesting and certainly most difficult beers we make. We hope you appreciate the effort.

While it may seem like a big bottle of beer to buy at 9 % a.b.v., think of it like a nice bottle to share. For around seven bucks retail, you can serve up a couple,three glasses of gorgeous beer and impress your friends and family. I recommend a snifter, and serving it cool, not cold.

Begins shipping everywhere, today.