Wednesday, September 28, 2005

We've got wood.

This year's Dragon's Milk in its cool slumber. It's been conditioning in these oak bourbon barrels for a couple of months now, and we'll be racking it into stainless in the next week or so. We'll then work on getting it through a sterile filter before blending it, conditioning it another month or so and packaging in time to enjoy by early December. I love walking into this cooler; smelling and touching the wood. It reminds me what is so beautiful about being a craft brewer. It reminds me of our willingness to take on difficult, time consuming, frustrating and courageous projects.

We've enjoyed sneaking some other brands into oak too. We've only done a barrel or two here or there, so they've only been enjoyed at our pub or at special festivals, but the Barrel Aged Hatter and Barrel Aged Ichabod have both been the bomb. Maybe we'll get a chance to do more. We'll see after we hear from John how the filtration went.

Next week, we'll brand 'em

You may want to check out the The Third Annual Festival of Barrel-aged Beer, put on by the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild, Saturday, November 12th, 1-5 P.M. in Chicago (guess who figured out linking again?)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:07 AM  
Blogger Larry said...

Holy Wa! I love this stuff. Another poster described it as liquid crack. I have to agree. Definitely one to share. Two questions: 1) will this ever come in 12oz? and 2)Is there any schwag available with the Dragon logo?

Aside being a big NHBC fan, My last name is St. George so I'm kind of a collector and I love the design...

9:05 PM  

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