Monday, September 26, 2005

Ohio - Cinty

I put on Elvis Costello's "Toledo" for this post, even though I'm writing about all points Cinty, Dayton and Columbus. What can I say, it's the only Ohio theme music I know of.

"But do people living in Toledo, know that their name doesn't travel really well,
and does anybody in Ohio, dream of that Spanish Citadel"

Anyway, thought I'd share some more tales from the road. A few weeks back I had a fruitful trip to Cinty.

Thursday night, I met our compatriot, Derek Zomonski of Premium Beverage, at Rivers Bend just north of CIncinatti. Derek has worked with Matt who runs the store with his sister, to set up monthly beer tastings. Some tastings are by style, some by brewery and some by season, whatever Matt and Derek decide. I was the featured speaker, so we were working through the New Holland portolio that night. Tucked in a large stockroom/office combo behind the store, there were banquet tables each set up with glasses, dump-buckets and pencils. If you weren't up front speaking or sitting at the tables you were practically sitting on the desk. I love the effort and the generous hospitality. Good people running a great store.

We had a good group - and an excellent tasting. We had some lively discussion as I took us through 8 of our beers. Plenty of homebrewers in the crowd.

A few beers with Derek afterwards and we called it a night.

Friday, we spent part of the afternoon calling on accounts before heading up to Jungle Jims in Fairfield. Derek has once again worked with beer-manager Dave and set up monthly beer tastings in the store. Customers sign up in advance and come in to hear either Derek or one of a series of guest speakers talk about beer styles, origin and flavors as they taste through 8 or more beers per two hour session. Held in Jungle Jim's cooking school, yes I said cooking school, we had around 45 or 50 people. Jungle Jim's is an experience any beer geek or foodie should not miss if they're anywhere nearby. I'll spare you the whole bio, but Jungle Jim's is a monstrous store, started as a roadside produce stand in the 70s. They pride themselves on brining food and drink from all over the world and creating a retail experience like no other.

The cooking school was a terrific setting, and the tasting was filled with an energetic group. I really enjoy the opportunity to taste through our beers, and wax poetic about beers and the beer industry in general. It seemed as the crowd enjoyed it to, seeing as they bought the store out of our beer moments later.

Special thanks to everyone involved and Derek - you're the man.


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