Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I find it ironic that I was recently in a conversation where I was trying to rationalize how some favorite music of mine could be considered disco. Back in the day, I would have fought for the honor of my cherished music and argue that it should never be considered disco. Context, I suppose is everything.

Saturday's Mad Hatter's Disco Ball is chock full of context. As the Ball approaches, I seem to have a broader view of what could be considered or perhaps at least included in disco. Or maybe its just at a disco. Are the Bee Gee's and ABBA the gatekeepers of all things Disco? Or can you reach out for Parliament's "Flashlight", Earth Wind & Fire or Chaka Kahn and Rufus? Where is the line between disco and funk? I say the line lives where the party is. If it's a groovy party that I want to be at, bring it all on. My Steve Dahl roots notwithstanding, I say Disco is only a disparaging term when you want it to be. So this weekend, bring on the disco and throw a wide net.

Funny how this discussion has reminded me of some interesting beer-style discussions that are out there.

So, I ask you, what's a Disco Ball if you don't have an anthem? My search hasn't been about finding an anthem. My research has been seeking the definititive aspects of disco, so that I could create an anthem. It's been a while since the Uncle Heavy days, but a little rust never killed anybody. I'm hoping my effort bears fruit and that on Saturday, many polyester-clad dancing fools have the opportunity to enjoy my homage, "The Mad Hatter's Disco." I've always believed in the marriage of music and beer. Saturday, we'll need plenty of both.

Moving away from Disco for a moment, this weekend's party actually starts Thursday, with a free concert at the Waterfront Film Festival. It also features a screening of "Unsalted, A Great Lakes Experience" and New Holland Waterfront Ale that we brewed just to celebrate the fest. It's a great film-fest put on by a terrific organization. Saugatuck is always a great place to be and great films, groovy film-people and beer make it just that much better.

We'll also be having some pre-disco fun at Martha's Vineyard beer tasting at the Wealthy Theatre in GR.

I'll try to keep future posts from turning into event-commercials, but I also want to let you know whats going on. This weekend, there's a lot going on! Cheers~


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