Monday, September 26, 2005

The Barchive

I'm going to try and maintain this post as a tribute to bars gone by. A list of notable bars that are no longer. I may tear up a bit, but I'll try to steel myself.

I might give each bar I list here a post down the road, but today I'll just start the list.

Kelly's On the Green - Chicago - Greenview and Diversey; The only bar I know that had an alumni club after it was sold to Vaughans. My local hangout for years, I sold them beer, tended bar, played on the softball team, played music for the anniversary parties...a classic. It has since been bulldozed for condos. Cheers to Pato et al.

Augenblick - Chicago - Damen and Irving - another classic, close to home. Dark, smokey, filled with good beers, stiff drinks and attentive staff. Lost their lease in a somewhat predictable landlord-screws-the-bar suit. Now a Real Estate office (landlord's business). Former partner David Butler is now proprietor at the Edgewater on North Ashland. (5600?)

The Chase Tavern! - Chicago

Wise Fools Pub - Chicago

The Knollwood Tavern - Kalamazoo

The Opera House - Madison, WI

CW Michaels - Kalamazoo

I'll be back with more.....


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